Use Vigorous Seeds from a good source

Sow seeds at the right time of the year and grow the right plants for your climate

Use good quality seed raising mix, soil or compost

Harden your seedlings off before putting them in the garden

Choose a sunny, sheltered spot for planting

Before planting into the ground, prepare the soil with organic matter like compost and sheep pellets 4-6 weeks in advance of planting

Soak your seedlings in the wool pot in seaweed solution for 30 minutes or more before planting

Add a layer of mulch and keep seedlings well watered

How to use

  • 1. Sow

    Fill your wool pot with seed raising mix or soil and sow seed(s) or transplant small seedlings as you normally would.

  • 2. Water

    Place in a sheltered spot and water as usual.

  • 3. Bury

    When your plant is big enough or when its roots start poking through, your plant and wool pot is ready to go in the ground. Dig a hole and bury deeply.

  • 4. Grow

    Your plant will grow whilst the wool pot completely breaks down in the soil over 5-13 weeks. Magic!

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