Gardening tips for growing peas

Gardening tips for growing peas

Gardening tips for growing peas!
Fresh peas are amazing. Whether you like them raw, boiled or in a soup, there is nothing better than eliminating the frozen plastic bagged peas from your meals and replacing them with fresh peas from the garden!

•Best grown from seed
•Plant from autumn to winter in warm areas, or early spring in cooler regions.
•Space 15-20cm apart in rows about 60cm apart
•65-100 days from sowing to harvesting, depending on the variety
•Crop rotation: ideal for following nitrogen-hungry brassicas

Snow peas are eaten as immature pods while sugar snap peas are eaten when they are fully matured but still sweet and tender. All varieties require full sun and free-draining soil.

Peas are best sown where they are grown but avoid cold and wet soil as this will cause rot. A raised bed is best for peas if your garden soil is soggy. For the best outcome, sow in The Wool Pot and transplant into the garden when seedlings are 8-10 cm high as this technique will give your peas a head start! Sow to a depth of around 2.5cm.

Sow seeds successively (2-3 weeks) to extend the picking season. Pea planting can continue until October/ early November in the cooler areas, but yield tends to decrease when the weather warms up.
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